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Company Scale


40 years history


An area of 260000 square meters standard industrial workshop


production equipment more than 600 sets


Assembly maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons

Machines for climbing and buildings

  • 15 wall climbing robots oobject

    15 wall climbing robots Robots often look insect like, largely because of their jerky movements and exoskeletal look, both of which are a result of them often being works in progress at the individual and overall state of the art Making them climb walls and hang effortlessly off a ceiling just adds them looking particularly bug like

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  • 5 of the Best Vertical Climbers Machine and Maxi C.

    Nov 14, 2018 The challenge of climbing stairs may seem inoffensive, but if you want to make it a part of your daily schedule, then there are three choices to think about: either choose to do it at home with the help of one of the best vertical climbers machine, climb real stairs in a tall building or go to the gym and use a professional vertical climber

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  • Amazon : ANCHEER Vertical Climber Folding Exercise

    A Warmup Bike This vertical climber exercise machine is designed to have as little impact on your joints as possible, so Ancheer gets a climber and an exercise bike into one machine, warmup your ankle, knee, thigh by using Ancheer exercise bike The vertical climber is heavyduty fullbody workout exercise, warmup must be a necessary step to start

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  • Amazon: Climber Exercise Equipment

    ANCHEER Vertical Climber Folding Exercise Climbing Machine, Exercise Equipment Climber for Home Gym, Stair Stepper Exercise for Home Body Trainer 40 out of 5 stars 38 $12999 $ 129 99 $2000 shipping RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Vertical Climber for Home Gym Folding Exercise Cardio Workout Machine Stair Stepper Newer Version

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  • Animal behaviour Why would a raccoon climb a build.

    Yesterday, there was a raccoon climbing a 20 plus story building in Minnesota, today it made it to the top and was caught in a live trap for transport to back to the wild It brings up the question, why would a raccoon climb a building in the first place

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  • AxiClimber

    axiClimberSystemRisk Free 30 Day Trial MaxiClimberOfficial Site Full body workout Great results Climb away calories; tone your body Easy to use * Effective Efficient As seen on TV * #1 Best Seller * For a slim Sexy look

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  • Best Climber Machine Reviews 2017 Climber Machine .

    Benefits of Climber Machines There are many benefits of climber machines and many of them are the same benefits as hiking or climbing Climber machines are recognized as one of the most effective and efficient cardio and strength building exercises

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  • Best Vertical Climber Machine 2019 [Top 6 Reviews .

    Jul 12, 2019 The cardio climbing machine is a highly functional machine made to utilize the same movements as rock climbing With this machine, you get a full body workout, which includes both arms and legs, and your abdominal muscles The movements on this machine are very natural and low impact making it easy on joints

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  • Climbing Fitness Machine, Climbing Fitness Machine

    Alibaba offers 2,204 climbing fitness machine products About 95% of these are gym equipment, 15% are other fitness bodybuilding products A wide variety of climbing fitness machine options are available to you, such as spandex polyester, plastic

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  • Climbing Machine Chunk Fitness

    he vertical climbing machine employs the use of foot plates similar to the stepper machine The main difference is that due to the greater range of motion the climber provides, the calves as well as the thighs are engaged Different models of climbing machines will often have different maximums on range of motion, leading to a more intense workout

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  • Climbing Machine Best Gym Equipment Oprah

    he truth: Climbing machines are mega calorie burnersmoving at a swift rate of 15 mph burns an average of 162 calories per minute, cites one machines manual For parison, running at 75 mph burns about 14 calories per minute

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  • Climbing Workout Machines Woman

    Climbing workout machines are useful to train for sports you already enjoy or to get you ready for something youd like to try Rock climbers can benefit from any of the vertical climbing machines since they duplicate different aspects of climbing or crawling up the face of a rock wall

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    Also instead of building a long crack machine you just make it 2 feet and attach it to some cordelette Then run it through a pulley hanging from the ceiling to some weight and hang on as long as you can! Anyway its a design that makes more sense than the home crack climbing setups Ive seen if you dont have a 30 foot garage or a ton of space

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  • Crazy Climber Videogame by Nihon Bussan Co Ltd

    Crazy Climber Description Crazy Climber was produced by Nihon Bussan Co Ltd in 1980 Nihon Bussan Co Ltd released only 1 different machine in our database under this trade namePlay human fly and scale a building while avoiding a wide variety of falling objects

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  • Eet Chinas mighty skyscraperbuilding machine Daily

    Apr 18, 2018 Chinese workers are using a 2,000tonne wallclimbing machine to help them build skyscrapers fast The selfsupporting platform elevates itself along the wall to create a working platform

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  • Erax Vertical Climber Exercise Folding Climbing Ma.

    erax climbing machine is designed for high intense and full body workout Users can exercise biceps, triceps, core and leg muscle at the same time With climbing workout, users can burn more calories than treadmill in the same amount of time Easy storage and space saving Users can easily fold up the machine and put in the corner when not in use

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  • Hand TrucksAppliance Stair Climbing Global Industr.

    WescoStairKing Battery Power Stair Climbing Appliance Hand Trucks are Labor Saving to Reduce Worker Injury and Fatigue! WescoStairKing Battery Power Stair Climbing Appliance Hand Trucks allow one person to safely move heavy appliances up and down stairs with a simple fingertip control

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  • He Climbing Wall Treadmill Hammacher Schlemmer

    his is the climbing wall with a continuously revolving face that enables endless vertical climbs The face of the wall consists of hand and footholds on individual panels that revolve like an upright treadmill, allowing climbers to scale to the height of Mt Everest in their own home

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  • Homemade Crack Climbing Magazine

    Oct 16, 2012 Unless you live near Indian Creek or Yosemite Valley, or your local gym has graciously included cracks in its wall plan, specific training for crack climbing can be hard to e by Here, Tom Randall shares his pointers for how to build and make the most of a crack machine for athome training

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  • Is the Stair Climber a Good Workout Machine

    he stair climber is really nothing more than a small revolving staircase with handrails Once you turn on the machine, the steps start moving and you continuously walk in place on them for the duration of your workout If you are looking to get into shape, the stair climber might be just what you

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  • Keep Growing and Exploring: Climbing Iconic Buildi.

    Jul 12, 2019 The more you climb, the more youll earn Challenge participants will earn one raffle ticket each time they climbup and down a building Activities that will qualify for the challenge include: Stair Steppers, Treadmills, Elliptical Machines, Rowing Machines, Group

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  • Machines for climbing and buildings

    Gear for climbing a building The Great Outdoors Stack Exchange What gear do I need to climb buildings Can I use a suction cup lifters Or is it a safety risk,

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  • Op Rope Climbing Gear List Seeking Exposure

    Sport Climbing Gear List article ing soon Top Rope Climbing Gear List Climbing Rope and Static Line Given you already have the basic climbing gear, your next investment is buying a quality climbing rope For more information on choosing the best climbing rope for you, be sure to check out:

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  • Ower Climbing Equipment and Safety Gear GME Supply

    Youre a tower climber You go from job site to job site and dont have time to wait around for your tower climbing gear to arrive We get that At GME Supply we keep the safety gear you need in stock We carry the best full body harnesses, lanyards, catheads, rope, rigging equipment, tele tools, RF Monitoring devices, cable safe climb systems, carabiners and hardware, tower climbing

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  • Rapid Pole Climbing with a Quadrupedal Robot

    climbing robots will be capable of lootion on a variety of surfaces, particularly mon building materials Accordingly, we have built a series of successful robots, capable of quasistatic climbing1 on building surfaces such as brick and stucco, as well as climbing the trunks of trees [9], [10], [8]

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  • Rope Pull Machine Rope Pulling Machines Rope Climb.

    Rope Pull Machine Rope Pulling Machines Rope Climbing Machine Rope Pull Machines deliver Functional Strength and Aerobic Conditioning based on principles of Rope Climbing without the inherent risk Whether an Individual is just Beginning an Exercise Program or is a Professional Athlete Rope Pull Machines will improve Strength and

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  • Ropeflex Rope Climbing Machines ROPEFLEX HIPEQ

    Rope Climbing Fitness Training Machines DualDrum, adjustable incline rope pulling machineLower and upper body workout in one machineSliding seat or

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  • Rxlife Vertical Climber Cardio Exercise Folding Cl.

    Apr 19, 2018 This amazing fitness climbing machine gets results by using your body weight to burn calories, build strength and sculpt muscles Grab the stationary handles and focus on legs, or use the adjustable handles to get the full body effect For an all inclusive full body workout, the Rxlife Vertical Climber is the only exercise equipment you need in

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  • Stair Climbing vs Running RunSociety

    Nov 05, 2012 Stair Climbing vs Running by Charlotte Lam On Nov 5, 2012 all buildings that have elevators also have stairs Those who prefer to stair climb for exercise may opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator when faced with this choice several stair climbing exercise machines are available that are convenient and pact

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  • Steppers Stair Climbers Sears

    Climb to your fitness goals with steppers from Sears Stair climbing is one of the most beneficial cardio exercises for good health Exercise steppers and stair climbers offer a fullbody workout with light resistance and great cardio benefits

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  • US5352166A Mountain climbing training machine Goog.

    A mountain climbing training machine includes a conveyor belt with a number of shell plates fastened onto the conveyor belt The shell plates have associated irregular contours defined by rocklike protrusions The shell plates are secured at spaced locations along the rotating conveyor belt The shell plates provide a treading surface while the conveyor belt rotates

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  • VersaClimber #1 Cardio Total Body Fitness Machine

    VersaClimber is the #1 Cardio Fitness Machine! Shed fat fast, save time space with the best total body workout machine for cardio vertical training

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  • What is the Best Cardio Machine for the Butt Lives.

    What is the Best Cardio Machine for the Butt Steven Lowis The best cardio machine to develop and shape your butt is a machine that requires you to move your thighs and hips, and there are a number of machines at your local gym or retailer that will do just that The machine is a mixture of running and climbing stairs, with the added bonus

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