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40 years history


An area of 260000 square meters standard industrial workshop


production equipment more than 600 sets


Assembly maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons

Canadian native grinding stones


    NATIVE AMERICAN METATE AND MANO GRINDING STONES Limestone, Size: Metate 22" l x11" w Mano: Small 6" l x 4" w Large 7 1 4" l x 3 1 4" w

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  • American Indian Stone Artifacts Antiques Roadshow .

    American Indian Stone Artifacts This is all part of the Woodland culture, which starts about 1,000 BC to 1,000 AD, and it extends from the eastern part of Canada all the way down to the Gulf Coast This is very typical of this area, and this sort of stone

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  • An Exclusive Look at the Greatest Haul of Native A.

    In a warehouse in Utah, federal agents are storing tens of thousands of looted objects recovered in a massive sting Wearing a miniature camera embedded in a button of his shirt, he recorded 100 hours of videotape on which sellers and collectors casually discussed the prices and sources of their objects The informant also acpanied diggers out to sites in remote canyons, including at least one that agents

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  • Ano stone Wikipedia

    Grinding process A mano, a smooth handheld stone, is used against a metate, typically a large stone with a depression or bowl The movement of the mano against the metate consists of a circular, rocking or chopping grinding motion using one or both hands Ancient Pueblo People often set up work rooms, called mealing rooms,

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  • Grinding Stone Native American For Sale Indian Art.

    Indian Artifacts and Collectibles Looking to buy Grinding Stone Native AmericanOur site offers a wide variety of Grinding Stone Native American and much more Shop here!

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  • Ground Stone Artifacts The Office of the State Arc.

    Ground stone tools are usually made of basalt, rhyolite, granite, or other macrocrystalline igneous or metamorphic rocks, whose coarse structure makes them ideal for grinding other materials, including plants and other stones Native Americans used cobbles found along streams and in exposures of glacial till or outwash to produce a variety ground stone artifacts

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  • How to Identify an Indian Tool Made From Rock Our .

    Indian artifacts may be strewn where there was once a settlement Arrowheads and bird points may be found at vantage points, such as cliff tops and bluffs, although only fragments or shards of these primitive tools may remain

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  • Indian Grinding Rock SHP parkscagov

    Driving Directions to Indian Grinding Rock SHP The park is northeast of Stockton in the lower foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains Take State Highway 88 East through Jackson to the town of Pine Grove Take a left turn on the PineGroveVolcano Road, and about a mile and a half later you will enter the Park

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  • Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park Wikipedia

    Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park is a California State Park, preserving an outcropping of marbleized limestone with some 1,185 mortar holesthe largest collection of bedrock mortars in North America It is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, 8 miles 13 km east of Jackson

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  • Indian grinding stone eBay

    ind great deals on eBay for indian grinding stone and indian stone artifact Shop with confidence Skip to main content eBay Logo Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloombergs conversion rates

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  • Indian stone war hammers, axe, celt and tool sale

    Authentic Native American Indian stone axes, war hammers, celts, knives, drills and rare stone tools for sale Free shipping offer

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  • Native american grinding stone in Native American:.

    ind native american grinding stone from a vast selection of Native American: US Collectibles Get great deals on eBay!

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  • Native american grinding stone photos photonshouse

    You are interested in: Native american grinding stone photos Here are selected photos on this topic, but full relevance is not guaranteed

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  • Native American Stone Tools by cyberrug

    ossilized Megalodon Sharks Tooth, Megalodon Shark lived 2 to 18 million years ago, and was the worlds largest predator ever to live, this one was recovered from the Santa Fe River in Northwest Central Florida, found in association with Native American stone tools, Native Americans worked fossilized sharks teeth the same way they would any other stone, in this case, the right side of the tooth and the

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  • Native American Tools Weapons Synonym

    Pueblo peoples also used grinding stones for food preparation and stone receptacles to hold paint pigment For weapons, they used spears, spear throwers called atlatls and the bow and arrow To hunt, they used nets, snares, throwing sticks and spears The Pueblos also had pottery and looms for

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  • Native American Worked Stone stonestructuresorg

    So it is not surprising to see a pendant with a similar shape to another stone on the premises These patterns are not by coincidence as StewartSmith pointed out He noted on his map all of the perimeter standing stones including the alignment stones were shaped by the Native American stone masons StewartSmith 1989, 89

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  • Native Indian Grinding Stone Mortar LiveAuctioneer.

    Native Indian Grinding Stone MortarThank you for viewing this Item We hope that you are successful in your bidding For over 30 years we have given the best possible customer service to our 1000s of repeat buyers Native Indian Grinding Stone Mortar GovernmentAssetAuction is pleased to present this great Artwork Investment Opportunity

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  • Photos of american indian grinding stones photonsh.

    You are interested in: Photos of american indian grinding stones Here are selected photos on this topic, but full relevance is not guaranteed

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    musmclass large african capsian neolithic stone grinding mill and rubbing stone *cap215 This is a RARE and COMPLETE, UNBROKEN stone grinding mill and pestle rubbing stone used by the Capsian African Neolithic people, 10,000 5000 years ago, to grind grain for food

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  • Ree Online Appraisal service of Native American ar.

    Native American Dolls and Figurines: Hopi Indian Kachina Katsina, Katsinam dolls Native American Fetishes: Zuni Pueblo fetish carvings animal and human figures, estate contemporary Native American Fine Art: Paintings, drawings, photography, bronzes, sculptures, lithographs

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  • Rue Ancient American Artifacts Grinding and Poundi.

    Grinding and Pounding Stones These stones are mostly used for gringing purposes Much of the material that was being ground also required some pounding action The majority of these tools show this dual use and have surfaces for grinding and surfaces, edges and

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  • Rue Ancient American Artifacts Hammerstones

    Hammer Stones These tools were used in a variety of pounding and hammering activities Some have been used primarily in the preperation of nuts, grains, roots and other food items Others were probably used for tool making, wood working and other hammer type uses Some show signs of having been mounted to a handle

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  • Rue Ancient American Artifacts Stone Tools

    We will present the stone tools, the works of art, the crude implements, rough sculptures, problematical artifacts and everything from the site that appears to have been made or used by the people who lived here many centuries ago It is only through a plete analysis such as this that we can begin to undestand the ancient Native Americans

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  • SCVHistory LW2632a Rancho Camulos Native American

    June 28, 2014 Native American grinding stones, as displayed in August Rubels preWWII musm on the second floor of the 1867 Del Valle Winery Light source: Artificial Light source: Artificial

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  • Stone Age Artifacts Pictures and Descriptions

    Plant starch residue has been identified on grinding stones that date to as early as 30,000 years ago Old taboos and Folkloric beliefs, concerning grinding stones, are still respected in some areas

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  • Usm Quality Native American Products for sale

    Old Carved Stone Tommahawk CATALOG NO hawk10 Very old warriors Tommahawk This is an 1700 1800s Native American Iron Tommahawk excavated from cabin ruins in the mountains of WyomingProbably Shoshone in origin The hawk is in excellent condition for its age Usually ships in

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  • Variously known as "cupstones," "anvil stones" and

    Variously known as "cupstones," "anvil stones," "pitted cobbles" and "nutting stones," among other names, these roughly discoidal or amorphous groundstone artifacts are among the most mon lithic remains of Native American culture, especially in the Midwest, in Early Archaic contexts

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  • What Are Native American Grinding Stones Reference

    A: A Native American grinding stone was a tool used to grind various foods, such as corn or acorns, to prepare them for cooking The stones were part of a twopiece tool set consisting of a mano

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  • What are the names of the Indian tribes in Canada

    he Cherokee Indians, as most Native American tribes, do not name their babies when they are born They give them names as the grow Some Cherokee Indian baby girl names are Adahy, Aiyanna, Enola

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  • Ypes and colors of turquoise used in Native Americ.

    Some of the turquoise mines in the USA Kings Manassa Conejos County, Colorado is best known for its brilliant greens and golden and brown nonwebbed matrices, but blue and bluegreen stone is found there as well This site, east of the town of Manassa, was originally mined by Ancestral Pueblo peoples

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