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40 years history


An area of 260000 square meters standard industrial workshop


production equipment more than 600 sets


Assembly maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons

Slide gate or diverter valve for handling coal

  • All about our slide gates TPI Material Handling Sy.

    Slide Gates and Diverter Valves Slide gates and Diverter Valves are frequently required within the material stream to act as cutoff gates for intermediate discharge locations, to temporarily stop material flow for some maintenance function or to divert the material stream between two or more conveyors

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  • Diverter Gates Manufacturer Bulk Material Handling

    Kase Diverter Gates are used in many industries including aggregate, cement, chemical, mining and wastewater treatment industries for controlling the flow of bulk materials Kase has a standard line of industrial diverter gates or can design and manufacture diverter gates to

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  • Diverter Valve Adroitt Flow Control

    SOLUTIONS FOR SEVERE DUTY, AGGRESSIVE FLUID, SLURRY, POWDER DRY BULK SOLIDS HANDLING, Severe Duty Globe Control Valve, Slide Gate Valve, Diverter Valve, Rotary Airlock Valve, Gravimetric Loss In Weight Feeder, Knife Gate Valve, Rubber Lined Ball Valve, Rubber Lined Eccentric Plug Valve, Butterfly Valve

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  • Gates Diverters Phenix Equipment Inc

    Slide Gate Valves Ideal for handling dry bulk material in gravity flow, dilute phase or dense phase pnmatic conveying applications Vortex slide gates are designed and engineered with two main principals in mind: 1 extend the service life of the valve and 2 perform maintenance without taking the valve out of lineVortex valves serve many industries including chemical, cement, coal, food

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  • Gates, Valves and Diverters CDM Systems, Inc

    All CDM slide gates, valves and diverters can be manufactured in standard and custom configurations to suit your specific process and plant requirements Ideal for a variety of industries including chemical, cement, coal, sand, grain, minerals and mining, our slide gates and diverters provide useful solutions for any heavyduty application that

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  • How to select a diverter for handling Dry Bulk Sol.

    A conservative approach is to size the inlet opening for an equivalent slide gate or vertical chute handling about 3times the actual volumetric flow rate that the diverter is required to handle This is applicable to 45offset and 90included diverters handling material with average flowability such as coal

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  • Hydraulic sliding gate hydraulic sliding gate

    hese find application in leading industries for various slide gate applications Our products are designed to offer consistent and reliable performance in the industry Our Hydraulic Slide Gate Systems are provided at market leading prices and can be customized according to the clients requirements

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  • HYQUIP Slide Gate Valves

    Slide Gate Valves HYQUIP Diverter Valves offer an effective method for directing product flow from single source to multiple systems The valve can be operated manually or through electric linear actuators or pnmatic cylinders Gravity type diverter valves are used for free flowing bulk solids like Cement, Coal, Iron Ore, Aggregate etc and are usually provided with liners for longer life

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  • KWS Environmental Slide Gates Manufacturer Materia.

    KWS Slide Gates make plant layout much more efficient Intermediate discharge points with slide gates can be added to a screw conveyor so several different process and load out lines can be fed by opening and closing the slide gates as required KWS Slide Gates are custom designed for your application based on proven design standards

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  • Rotary Valves, Airlocks, Feeders Bulk Material Han.

    Carolina Conveying are specialists in powder handling ponents and material handling systems Formed in 1999 we manufacture a very prehensive range of products including Rotary Airlock Valves, Diverter Valves, Gate Valves, Silo Dischargers, Screw Feeders, Bulk Bag Handling Systems and

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  • Slide Gate from Vortex Pnvay Engineering

    Pnvay Engineering Slide Gate from Vortex Vortex is a brand known around the globe for its exceptional valves for handling dry bulk solids Its current footprint allows it to introduce lean manufacturing methods supported by laser cutting technology and advanced fabrication equipment

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  • Slide Gate or Diverter Valve for Handling Coal, In.

    Jul 31, 2017 Configuring the appropriate slide gates and diverter valves for those customers is a challenge in its own right In this article, well analyze the key factors that influence the decision of which slide gate or diverter valve works best for handling abrasive materials Different Levels of Material Hardness Cause Different Levels of Wear

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  • Slide Gate Valve :: Bulk Material Handling Valves

    DEMECH Slide Gate Valves are designed to provide a quick acting isolation valve unit that can be installed into a bulk handling flow path to stop material flow DEMECH Slide gate valves are simple and pact in design, robust in structure, excellent in technology and are easy to install

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  • Slide Gate Valve for Dry Particle Processing: Muco.

    ucon Slide Gate Valves Mucon is proud to present a range of general industry Slide Gate Valves for dry particle processing With the long established Mucon reputation as suppliers of quality powder valves, the Mucon Slide Gate Valve provides a great addition to the range

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  • Slide Gate Valves Meyer Industrial Solutions

    Slide Gate Valves Ideal for dry bulk material handling, MEYERMADESlide Gates are reliable and designed to isolate airlock feeders below from hoppers above The sliding gate valves help control gravity batch unloading when handling dry free flowing materials

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  • Slide Gate Valves VG Slide Gates WAMGROUP

    VGtype Slide Gate Valves are entirely manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel Safe material interception and excellent durability are guaranteed This type of valve is designed to meet the most demanding applications when handling abrasive materials such as sand, gravel, coal, or whole grain in heavyduty applications

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  • Slide Gates Manfufacturer Bulk Material Handling

    Kase Slide Gates are used in many industries including aggregate, cement, chemical, mining and wastewater treatment industries for controlling the flow of bulk materials Kase has a standard line of industrial slide gates or can design and manufacture slide gates to meet specific customer requirements

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  • Slide Gates, Diverters and Loading Spouts for Coal

    Vortex has been working with power and energy panies since the early 1990s We started our pany in 1977 by manufacturing slide gates and diverter valves for lighter duty applications like flour and plastic pellets We specialize in modifying standard products to fit specific application parameters

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  • Slide, Isolation, Maintenance Gates: Plattco Corpo.

    AKA knife gates, slide, isolation gates, orifice gates, butterfly valves, roller, and goggle gates are all names they may go by but there is only one prehensive line of gates with the Plattco name! Plattco industrial gates are designed for bulk, dry materials in a variety of applications

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  • Solids Bulk Handling Components Vortex EngNet

    he Global Leader in Valve Solutions, Vortex slide gates, diverter valves, and iris valves are specifically engineered for handling dry bulk solids Butterfly valves for air, steam, gas, liquids and certain dry material applications are also available Industries served range from plastics, chemicals, and minerals to grains, fibers, and food

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  • T r a d i t i o n e x p e r t i s e r e s p o n s .

    eyer Slide Gates, Plug Valves Diverter Valves are the ideal solution for your powder andbulk solids applications Typical Materials Asphalt filter dust Barytes Bauxite Bentonite Catalysts Cement Clays dried Coal Coke dust Copper calcines Dolomite Feldspar Fluorspar Fly ash Gypsum Kaolin Lime Limestone Magnesite Magnetite Manganese dioxide

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  • Valves for bulk material handling RobotDigg

    Slide Gate Valves Slide gate valves are used especially for transporting the powder, pellet matter and other bulk material in Petrochemical, chemical, food and medicine industry etc They are mainly used in cutting or transporting materials in the vertical pipes Structure features:

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  • Valves Slide Gates Green Globe Services, Inc

    Valves Slide Gates 8 Way Diverter Green Globe Services can supply you with a pnmatic 8 way diverter which utilizes an internal 45 degree sweep that rotational indexes via proximity switches to the correct output line

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  • Valves, Gates, Airlocks Powder Bulk Solids

    Jun 07, 2011 Ball Diverter Valves coal, metal powders, or minerals up to 400F Additional features are the beveled, abrasionresistant blade and a displacement pocket on the closing end of the valve The slide gate features live loadedwear pensating seals that prevent materials from escaping into the bonnet area of the gate The gate

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  • Vortex Global Limited Leader in dry bulk solids ha.

    Vortex Global Limited is the world leader in slide gates and diverter valves for handling dry bulk materials powders, pellets, granules, aggregates Vortex Global Limited is the world leader in slide gates and diverter valves for handling dry bulk materials powders, pellets, granules, aggregates cement, coal, food, frac sand, grain

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  • Vortex Slide Gate Valve, Diverter, Loading Spout I.

    Dec 08, 2015 Worlds leading expert in handling dry bulk solids, Vortex slide gate valve, diverter valve, iris valve and loading spouts are engineered for dependability, durability, easy maintenance, and offer proven solutions to material handling and process efficiency problems

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    Valve: Vortex Titan Slide Gate TS5425 x 66 Results: When this repeat customer needed a process gate for handling coal, they immediately contacted Vortex Valves ATITAN of a Titan Slide Gate, weighing 4,800 lbs, was constructed with 40 0 BNH wetted parts to address abrasion issues The 12frame supports 2500 , lbs of hanging weight

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  • Vortex Valves Gates ChaDa Sales, Inc

    Vortex Hand Slide Orifice Gate The Vortex Hand Slide Orifice Gate valve offers a dust tight seal when handling dry bulk material in gravity flow applications This manually operated slide gate is an excellent choice for bins, and hoppers where the use of powered gates is not feasible or desirable

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  • Vortex Valves Mining Technology Mining News and Vi.

    he Titan Slide Gate is the perfect gate for abrasive materials such as whole grains, coal, metal powders or minerals, with the heavyduty valve frame based on a formed carbon steel channel with a beveled, abrasionresistant steel blade and liner A displacement pocket on the closing end of the valve assists in closing when material is present

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  • Vortex Valves Salina Vortex Green Globe Services, .

    VORTEX Corporation formerly known as Salina Vortex builds their dry material valves one at a time to fit your particular material application Industries served range from plastics, minerals and chemicals to grain, fibers and foodstuffsVortex Corporation industrial material handling diverter gates, large dry gates valves, dry material valves, five four three way

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  • WAM Slide Gate Valves Filquip

    WAM Slide Gate Valves VL Series WAM Slide gate valves are used where the flow of a bulk solid by gravity is required to be intercepted VLtype WAM Slide Gate Valves consist of a twopiece carbon or stainless steel frame partly coated with polymer posite

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  • WoWay Diverter Valves from FLSmidth

    LLERTwoWay Diverter Valve The CEcertified MLLERTwoWay Diverter Valve is designed to work with your pnmatic conveying system to aid material handling Our focus was creating a valve that adds functionality to your system without taking up more of your time or maintenance budget

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