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40 years history


An area of 260000 square meters standard industrial workshop


production equipment more than 600 sets


Assembly maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons

Ball crusher and ball stretcher bo

  • Amazon: scrotum stretcher

    New PNIS Rings Silicone PNIS Ring Scrotum Bondage Ball Crusher Balls Stretcher for Men Silicone Ring s Scrotum Stretcher Sexhh Toys for Men,Transparent,PNIS Ring Rings tShirt $2597 $ 25 97 $449 shipping Tshirt Magnetic Lock Metal Scrotum Pendant Ball Stretcher TSHIRTis Weight

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  • Amazon: Trinity Vibes Sprial Ball Stretcher: Healt.

    Jan 04, 2017 The Spiral Ball Stretcher is made to give your boys a good tug! Just stretch this flexible cylinder around the base and enjoy the pleasant pulling sensation The skin of your scrotum will now be stretched taut as well, making it even more sensitive to the attentions of your partner Measurements: 205 inches long, 109 inch internal diameter

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  • Ball Bruiser Ball Stretcher alibaba

    The Ball Bruiser Stretcher is an extreme ball toy, made from stainless steel with sharp points inside the rings Now in two sizes The distance between the double set of ball stretchers can be increased by turning the wheel embedded in one of the ball stretchers

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  • Ball crusher and ball stretcher bo studiareacremai.

    Ball Crusher and Ball Stretcher Combo Bondage Ball crusher CBT EUR 8940 + EUR 2122 postage; 26 Sold Contact Supplier Ball Stretcher Vise Combo Cbt $3515 SaleSpider It also has the ability to be used separately as a crusher or stretcher You get two toys in one to satisfy whatever type of play is planned for the evening

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  • Ball Crusher and Ball Stretcher Combo Bondage ebay

    Ball Crusher and Ball Stretcher Combo: This super high quality stainless steel bination weighing approx 15kg allow you to both strech and crush you balls with one product This super effective bination es in two main parts, a ball crusher cylinder and a 36mm ball stretcher The first is a polished ball stretcher that splits into 2

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  • Ball Crusher BME Encyclopedia

    Ball Crushers are similar to split steel ball weights and other similar devices, but with the added ability to apply varying amounts of pressure to the testicles, depending on the play preferences of the wearerBall crushers are often enclosed ie a cylinder with only a hole at the top, as the one in the left is, or "open" often in a variety of homemade forms

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  • Ball stretcher Health24

    Ball stretchers are a basic element of CBT, or cock and ball torture However, the amount of torment is up to you Many guys enjoy the sensation of having their balls tugged on, and stretchers are

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  • Ball Stretcher and Crusher eBay

    Ball Stretcher and Crusher Item Information Condition: New Price: US $13316 Ball Stretcher and Crusher Sign in to check out Check out as guest Adding to your cart The item youve selected was not added to your cart Add to cart Add to watch list Unwatch Free shipping

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  • Ball stretchers products for sale eBay

    Ball Scrotum stretchers Hand made in the UK from supple black dark tan leather for your fort No cheap stitched leather used! Stainless Steel Lockable Ball crusher Weight Stretcher Hanging Kink Material: high quality surgical grade stainless steel,never

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  • BallScrotum Stretching Stealth for Men

    Apr 24, 2018 This is the hinged ball stretcher that Im considering: Hinged ball stretcher 10hx40id Also, trying to put the leather band on, while trying to avoid pinching scrotal skin, and also trying to avoid crushing my testicles, and also trying to keep them placed properly for the stretcher

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  • Baseball Shadow Ball Buck ONeil Interview PBS

    Interview: Buck ONeil Video clips I could catch the ball so the older fellows would like to throw the ball to me because I was kind of a little show Bo Jackson Bo Jackson swinging that

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  • Basket and Ball Play it now at CoolmathGames

    Basket and Ball at Cool Math Games: Activate the power bounce! Jump over the spikes and past the guards Bounce into Basket to score

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  • Bo Bichette homers against Yankees MLB

    Bo Bichette, maker of history In his short time in the big leagues, Bichette has altered the record books, both in Toronto and around the Major Leagues, seemingly every time hes stepped on the field Box score With a home run in the fifth inning of the

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  • Bobobobo Bobobo character The Bobobobo Bobobo Wiki

    Bobobobo Bobobo is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Bobobobo Bobobo Bobobobo Bobobo is the cool and inprehensible hero, swarthy and musclebound, sporting sunglasses and a large golden afro His hair is

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  • Bouncing Ball Game

    Play Bouncing Ball Game Online Guide the ball through the maze and find the exit hole The final score is based on the time take

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  • Brass Cock Ring Ball Stretcher Scrotum Weight CBT .

    These ball stretchers seperate in the middle via an allen screw, allen wrench is included This makes for an easier and more fortable fit than other ball stretchers, instead of having to pull the balls through the opening The tighter more fortable fit also lessens the likely hood of the stretcher

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  • Building LowHanger Balls PumpToys

    Article: Building LowHanger Balls The best in ball and penis enlargement toys! Pumps, cylinders, pumping seals, ball stretching devices and other nifty stuff! Also a great place for information; Pumptoys features a photo gallery, library and online forum for both experienced and beginner pumpers

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  • Buy ball stretcher and get free shipping on AliExp.

    If youre still in two minds about ball stretcher and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to pare prices and sellers Well help you to work out whether its worth paying extra for a highend version or whether youre getting just as

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  • Cock and ball torture Wikipedia

    Cock and ball torture CBT, penis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testiclesThis may involve directly painful activities, such as genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ballbusting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, erotic electrostimulation or even kicking

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  • Donut Ball Stretcher Weight The Chain Gang Body Je.

    Donut Ball Stretcher Weight Rating: 99 % of 100 667 Reviews Add Your Review $4799 These 2 piece Surgical Steel Donut Ball Stretcher Weights are made exclusively for fort and are the Worlds Most Comfortable Ball WeightBeing Donut shaped it contours smoothly with your body, yet they are still stackable if you like to stack them

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  • Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Wiki FANDOM powered .

    Dragon Ball Super Doragon Bru Spmonly abbreviated as DBS is the fourth anime installment in the Dragon Ball franchise, which ran from July 5th, 2015 to March 25th, 2018 It is set between Dragon Ball Z episodes 288 and 289 and is the first Dragon Ball television series

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  • Jim Bouton, Yankees pitcher whose Ball Four blew t.

    Jul 11, 2019 Jim Bouton, the sorearmed pitcher for the New York Yankees and other teams whose "Ball Four" is widely considered the most important book about

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  • Roll The Ball Online Play The Free Game Online

    Roll The Ball Online click to play online Here es new Html 5 game Roll The Ball Online, which is a special puzzle casual games Is it a plumber, a maze, a jigsaw puzzle In Roll The Ball Online, you will find all similar factors of them The game is simple to operate, slide to move the blocks so that the ball can be guided to roll into the goal location

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  • Scrotal Stretching BME Encyclopedia

    Scrotal stretching is permanent or temporary stretching of the scrotum The practice monly known in many circles as ball stretching is where an individual stretches his scrotum to hang lower than it normally wouldAs with other stretchings, scrotum stretching is often semipermanent, meaning the scrotum can end up returning to near its normal length unless steps are taken to stop it and

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  • Scrotum Stretching Ball Stretching Learn How To Do.

    Scrotum Stretching! Ball Stretching! You can practice scrotum stretching to get that low hanging look if youd like, but I wouldnt spend too much time on it just yet

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  • Steel Ball Stretching Weights Customer Reviews

    May 27, 2014 Steel Ball Stretching Weights Customer Reviews Back to Product Overview By Stretch44tumblr from Uk Heaven 27 May 2014 Ordered the 600g, got used to this feeling now in the 800g, also have a 300 gram,, am addicted to the feeling Great service frm bjs Try tumblr for ball stretching blogs

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  • Testicle Stretching And Benefits Big Natural Testi.

    Jan 19, 2014 Im going to give you a testicle stretching tip that you should start using This isnt a full blown scrotum enlargement plan, its more of a habit youre going to get into, a ritual you do several times a dayAnd this habit is going to give you a nice stretch and a little hormone boost as well And best of all, it doesnt take too long to do

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  • THE ULTIMATE HUMBLER 4In1 Ball Stretcher Ball

    THE ULTIMATE HUMBLER 4In1 Ball Stretcher Ball Press $15000 The Ultimate Humbler has unique features and 4in1 functionality 1 It is lockable: it can not be removed off the balls without padlock keys! 2 Can be used as a simple humbler as the whole stretching part can be removed 3 The stretching ring gives option to as just the strictness of the humbler 4

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